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Grounds for Health Coffee Auction

Coffee Analysgrounds-for-health-logots is donating a complete Physical & Sensory Evaluation for 2 coffee products (green & roasted)

For complete auction details, please click HERE

Value: $375.00 

The true measure of any beverage program is the quality: how does is taste? Branding, promotion, and merchandising will capture the first sale, but only quality will keep your customers returning time after time. 

Coffee Analysts is an independent laboratory and consulting firm that specializes in quality assurance, product development, and specification creation of coffee and coffee-related products. Coffee Analysts does not sell coffee; we conduct unbiased scientific analysis throughout the farm-to-cup supply chain. Our experience enables us to provide insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions in managing their coffee quality by addressing practical issues from a scientific perspective.


Green Coffee Analysis
(550 gram sample) 
Roasted Coffee Analysis
(4 retail / foodservice packages
  • Visual Color Inspection
  • Moisture Content
  • Water Activity
  • Defect Count / Grading (SCAA & ICE)
  • Screen Size
  • Density
  • Sample Roasting (SCAA Protocol)
  • Cupping by Sensory Panel
  • Complete Analytical Report
  • Net Weight, Oxygen and CO2 analysis
  • Moisture Content & Water Activity
  • Degree of Roast (Agtron)
  • Grind Analysis (Ro-Tap)
  • Bean Breakage & Roasted Defect Count
  • Brewing to Clients’ Recipe
  • Brewed Solids %, Extraction %, and pH
  • Tasting by Sensory Panel
  • Complete Analytical Report

We don’t sell coffee and tea, we help you manage quality. Please let us know how Coffee Analysts can support your coffee & tea programs and help contribute to your success. We provide coffee business solutions.

You can review our coffee laboratory operation online at or contact us directly at +1-802-864-5760 (US 800-375-3398) to schedule a visit in person.