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Technical Sensory Panel Training and Management Products

The process of getting top quality coffee, from bean to cup, is long and challenging—but FlavorActiV can help! An industry-led approach to coffee sensory training and calibration has been developed by FlavorActiV, who has been providing sensory training to the beverage industry since 1996.

Coffee Flavor Library

Train + Improve

FlavorActiV and Coffee Enterprises train and calibrate professional coffee cuppers and sensory panels.  Calibrating cuppers via FlavorActiV’s program is a comprehensive two-part process encompassing both training and validation. 

Taster Validation

Taster Validation is the center of our program. Panelist are tested for their sensory ability to identify flavor standards, rank intensity, and determine acceptable or unacceptable flavor differences using sample to standard analysis.  Double blind sensory validation standards are used along with a powerful web-based program to record results and provide detailed statistical analysis for management controls.

Our taster validation program is suited for national and multi-national companies to manage cuppers and sensory panels at different locations and at different stages in the farm-to-cup supply chain.  It is flexible enough to allow small companies and individuals to use the open-door program to calibrate their sensory analysis abilities with other individual users around the world.

Good Sensory Practices

Good Sensory Practices (GSP) Training starts companies and sensory panels on the path to improvement. This live seminar at your location presents best practices and pitfalls to avoid when cupping coffee and helps upgrade cuppers to sensory specialists.  This program is beneficial as a both a functional beginning for newly formed sensory panels and to align experienced coffee cuppers.  Our world class training is supported by FlavorActiV’s global network of sensory experts and the Coffee Enterprises team of experienced specialty coffee professions and industry veterans. 


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Coffee Enterprises the North American distributor of FlavorActiV products to the coffee industry.

FlavorActiV flavor standards are manufactured by Quay Pharma ( in the United Kingdom.