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Hot Beverage Legal Consulting

Legal Consultants for Spilled Beverage Lawsuits

McDonalds isn’t the only company dealing with spilled hot coffee lawsuits. On any given day, there are roughly ten hot coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate lawsuits in progress. The majority of these cases revolve around coffee burns or someone getting burned by a spilled hot beverage.

In the case of hot coffee beverages, there are minimum and maximum temperature ranges to achieve proper extraction and the favorable taste customers demand. Unfortunately, these temperatures often exceed certain burn thresholds. If there in an accident and a customer sues, knowing the scientific reasoning behind your brew can be the difference between a quick settlement and a costly lawsuit.

Legal Consulting

  • How hot is too hot for coffee? For Tea?
  • How can food and beverage companies minimize risk?
  • What standards must an organization follow to avoid spilled hot coffee and hot beverage lawsuits?

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Led by industry insider and Coffee Enterprises founder Dan Cox, our team of specialized legal consultants can help your organization avoid costly lawsuits.

We offer comprehensive training to prevent litigation in the first place, and provide independent expert coffee witness services and legal testimony, so you’re prepared if worse comes to worst.

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