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FlavorActiV & Coffee Enterprises Present at Sustainable Harvest

Liam Singleton from FlavorActiV and Coffee Enterprises’ Dan Cox recently visited Sustainable Harvest in Portland, Oregon to demonstrate the new coffee sensory kit. The presentation was well attended by many figures in the Portland coffee scene including David GriswoldRichard BoughtonJorge Cuevas, Oscar Magro and Mario Fernandez.

The group was excited by the scientific approach to creating a common language for describing coffee flavors.

Everyone was given the opportunity to smell and taste each flavor: earthy, grassy, leathery, musty and mushroomy. After a lively discussion about word and icon differences between cultures, everyone came away understanding the overall goal: to create a common testing standard.

Coffee Enterprises and FlavorActiV would like to thank Sustainable Harvest for hosting this event and to all the folks that took time out of their day to be there.