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Our visitors from Brazil, Marcos & Silvia Croce


Marcos Croce, Dan Cox, Silvia Croce, Bill Mares








Every so often someone shows up unplanned and delights our day.

Recently, Marcos and Silvia Croce, owners of the FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza) coffee farm had a flight cancelled and had an extra day to spend in the Burlington area. They had heard about our coffee businesses from their friend Gayle Massar, another local business owner. Gayle called us and arranged an impromptu visit, and the Croces were able to spend several hours with us. Marcos and Silvia operate a 500 acre finca in Brazil, and besides being a large farm, FAF is a network of farmers, a center of coffee studies, and an export company that mills and ships coffee worldwide.

Besides our mutual interest in all things coffee, the Croces also promote the cultivation of honey as a secondary food and income source. We called our local apiary king, Bill Mares, and he was able to stop by and bring some samples of his honey. We also took a trip to the local chocolatier, Lake Champlain Chocolates, so they were able to see some of the best of Vermont products.

We expect to stay in touch with the Croces and are delighted by this happy coincidence!

For more information on FAF, please click HERE.