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Geraniol (rose / floral)

Geraniol (rose / floral)


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Geraniol: Geraniol
Rose Water

Pack of 5 capsules, each capsule separately blister packed to provide flavor protection and prolonged shelf life. Production adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) pharmaceutical quality controls. FlavorActiV’s dedicated GMP Flavour Center is certified and regulated by the UK Government’s Medicine Regulatory & Healthcare Product Agency (MHRA) to a standard which far exceed ISO 9001, ISO 17025 or any food grade certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adjust the intensity?

Yes, increase the water for less flavor intensity and decrease the water for greater flavor intensity. We suggest:

  • Beginner Training: 1 capsule to 500 mL (17 fluid ounces) of room temperature water
  • Intermediate Training: 1 capsule to 1 L (35 fluid ounces) of room temperature water
  • Advanced Training: capsule to 300 mL (10 fluid ounce) of hot coffee

How many capsules in each kit?

There are 5 capsules in each kit.

How many students can train on each capsule?

Each capsule will prepare 1 liter of flavored water.  With 3 oz samples per student, each capsule will train about 10 students.

What is the shelf-life of the capsules?

The shelf life is 24 months, with a clear “use by” date indicated on the package.

What is the shelf-life of the mixed liquid?

Best Practices – Once mixed with liquid he flavor standards should be tasted within 2 hours. Once mixed with liquid the flavor standards may be stored in a sealed container to prevent contamination, in a refrigerator ≤ 40° F / 4.5° C to limit oxidation, for up to 48 hours before tasting.

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