FlavorActiV Coffee Sensory Kit: Series #2


Kit of 5 Flavor Standards: Quakery, Potato, Metallic, Medicinal, Petroleum


Series Two of the FlavorActiV Coffee Sensory Kit continues the Complete Coffee Cupper Training with five common flavor standards found within coffee. This kit is designed to provide cuppers with a common language to identify and understand key defects and flavors.

Series Two Flavor Standards:

  • Quakery
  • Potato
  • Metallic
  • Medicinal
  • Petroleum

Each kit comes with five individual capsules that each produce 1 liter of solution that can be used by up to 15 cuppers for training and calibration.

Coffee Enterprises is the exclusive North American distributor for FlavorActiV products to the coffee industry.

FlavorActiV Coffee Sensory Kit: Series #2

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Weight 1.5 oz


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