Join a global community of trained and calibrated coffee cuppers!

coffee-cupper-training-1-4The process of getting top quality coffee, from bean to cup, is long and challenging—but sensory can help! An industry-led new approach to coffee sensory training and calibration has been developed by FlavorActiV to help ensure a higher quality global standard of coffee.

The Coffee Flavor Library

The common flavors in the FlavorActiV Coffee Flavor Library allow training and re-training on identification of flavors found in coffee. Just mix, taste and educate! Series One and Series Two now available; Individual Flavor Standards coming soon.

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Coffee Enterprises is the exclusive North American distributor for FlavorActiV products to the coffee industry.

World-Class Flavor Training

Supported by our global network of sensory experts, FlavorActiV and Coffee Enterprises provide training to sensory panels and quality teams for the latest scientific protocols for flavor training and managing sensory panels.


From a single user seeking verification of skills to a global supply-chain requiring validation of sensory analysis at each control point, our online program is a powerful tool to calibrate against a standard or with a global coffee community with analytical tools for management.

The Cupper Calibration plan provides comprehensive sensory training, coffee fault identification, and powerful online calibration and analytical tools, helping to improve sensory know-how at every level of the supply chain, and ultimately, make more great cups of coffee!


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For ordering and shipping information, contact Christine Hibma: or call (800) 375-3398 /+1 (802) 865-4480.